Services for the immobile seller 

Our operating protocol provides a first knowledge phase in order to have an overall view of the immobile, to find the market to which refer to : national market and international market. After having individuated the reference market it will be necessary a meeting to verify the document attesting the property and the immobile conformity. This verification is made by professionals  of exclusive reliance of Immobiliare URBIS srl.

Kind of Assignment

There are two assignment modalities toward which we operate:

BASIC assignment, used to propose the immobile on the national territory. The committee is of 3% + VAT.

WORLD assignment, to promote the immobile at INTERNATIONAL level with the help of colleagues members of different professional associations CEI, FIAIP and REALTORS. The committee is 5% + VAT.


Investing into an immobile, consequently choosing your own home results for sure an important moment that can’t exclude objective assessments which can be made toward who has a detailed knowledge of the territory.

The choice will result right subsequently to the right assessment and it’s for this reason that Urbis Immobiliare srl evaluates the immobile under every point of view.Once identified the right immobile, Immobiliare Urbis, will do the necessary iter for the trade, from the translation of the scriptures  to the stipulation of the public act.

Once the purchased occurred, the new owner will can use the service freely offered by Urbis Immobiliare srl for the processing of the connection of the utilities ( water, light and gas) . Moreover there is the possibility to use the service “ maintenance and control” where URBIS srl takes under its own responsibility the maintenance and control of your good.


The sell provides some taxes to which the immobile is subjected and the same depend by the seller subject and the usage destination of the immobile bought. The taxes to which we refer are four:

VAT, registration tax, mortgage tax and cadastral tax. These are paid to the notary at the act registration. It is possible to ask to the notary that the taxable would be calculated on the value and not on the price, if the seller is a private.  In this case the cadastral value of the property must be reported in the sale act. If the purchase occurred thanks to a loan, the taxable basis can’t be lower than to the loan tax.

The buyer physical person, at the moment of deed, will have to pay these taxes:

Registration tax 2%

Fix mortgage tax of 50,00 €

Fix cadastral tax of 50,00 €

If you buy by a legal person (construction company or renovation) within four years from the ending of the works, it must be paid these taxes:

VAT 4%

Fix registration tax of 200,00 €

Fix mortgage tax of 200,00 €

Fix cadastral tax of 200,00 €

For the purchase for a house not first house you have to give these tax:

Registration tax 9%

Fix mortgage tax of 50,00 €

Fix cadastral tax of 50,00 €

If you buy by a construction company ( or renovation) who sell within four years from the ending of the works, the buyer will have to pay these taxes :

VAT of 10% (22% if it’s a luxury immobile)

Fix registration tax of 200,00 €

Fix mortgage tax of 200,00€

Fix cadastral tax of 200,00 €

The fees for real estate brokers .From 2007 it’s possible to deduct tax for income tax purposes, in the measure of 19% and in just one year of tax, the fees paid to the real estate brokers for the purchase of a immobile, to a maximum of 1000,00

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